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Education - Profil Klett d.o.o.

The client, Profil Klett wanted an all-encompassing digital publishing platform. We went to work with enthusiasm and the result is Izzi.

Izzi is currently present in 15 European Union countries. Published interactive ebooks are meant to be used in conjunction with standard publications in a blend of traditional education and modern digital technology through a mixed learning model.

It offers interactive multimedia digital content that enhances standard textbooks and works on all devices, online and offline.

Over 200 published interactive textbooks found their way to many classrooms. The system is completely customizable and helps students learn quickly, izzily, and at their own tempo. 

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Novi život


"New life" is the oldest theatre of the blind and visually impaired people in the world.

As the oldest theatre of the blind and visually impaired, the mission of the Theatrical Company “New Life” is to break prejudices against blind and visually impaired people and to raise public awareness about the possibilities and artistic creations of blind and visually impaired people. This includes their active participation in the public and cultural life of Croatia through the serious involvement in theatrical arts, as well as active participation in the open cultural market.

Our main challenge was to present the strength of their artistic expression and enthusiasm via new digital platform using strong visuals emphasizing the black and white and theatrical photography. The main concept was the distinction between sight and blindness, hence the strong contrast of black and white to separate what you see and what you don’t see. Furthermore, the aim was to emphasize the experience of stage lights of the theater – strong lights and dark background, with a hint of red symbolizing the curtains of the stage as well as being the color usually more visible to the visually impaired.

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Telecomunication - Hrvatski Telekom d.d.

BONBON APP A Croatian mobile operator Bonbon has always been about the ease of use, lifestyle and cutting edge solutions, making it a perfect fit for the tech savvy and adventurous millennials.

After careful brand positioning and alignment of the offers with the needs of their user base, publishing a mobile app came as a logical next step. They asked Nivas to help with this task - an honor and a challenge we just couldn't refuse.


Bonbon's prepaid and postpaid services are very flexible and give a lot of options to the user. This flexibility, however, tends to create a bit of friction that we believed could be avoided. We knew we needed to streamline the process and make it even more accessible, and for this, we chose a mix of custom made APIs and standard app functionalities, dressed in an intuitive and easy to use UI.

The other important function the application had to fulfill is delivering the marketing content directly to users in a nonobtrusive, informative way, enhancing the conversion rates and promoting the upsell. We implemented a smart and robust notification system to push the relevant info to target segments without overwhelming them.


Instead of the protracted exchange of messages between the user and the operator, which used to be a standard process for making any purchase, now the user has everything at the fingertip - a few swipes, a tap or two and the action is done, be it a purchase, information gathering or browsing and settling of invoices.

The most important quality of life enhancement is the code scanner that removes the need to enter the fourteen digit codes manually for crediting the account. This, along with easy in-app purchase system for any combination of calls, messages and data packages significantly shortens the purchase cycle, removing the most serious friction in prepaid telecommunications.


The dashboard had to be informative and give a wealth of data at a glance. We imagined it as a series of gauges giving the user important info about the projected expenditure. The data can be used to optimize the phone usage habits or choose a package best suited for the particular needs.

To remove the possible clutter, the main menu was built separately for the prepaid and the postpaid users. This way only the relevant sections are presented to the user, making his experience much smoother and more elegant. 


The app was launched and is available in the Google Play store. It is great to see the extremely positive feedback and the steady growth of users, even at this very early stage. This reassures us that users really needed the enhancements it provides, but our work is far from done.

We look forward to the constant testing, frequent bug hunting expeditions, listening to the audience, making improvements and ironing out all the kinks. In our minds this is not perfectionism, this is the only way to do the project.

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Education - Algebra d.o.o.

The largest and immensely popular educational center for IT and digital technologies in Croatia.

In its 20 years of existence, Algebra grew from the initially offered set of courses to a large educational institution with University college, educational programs, certification, graduation preparation courses and more.

The number of various brand communication devices such as logos, slogans, personas and tones of voice grew with the expansion and ultimately became a bit unwieldy. It was time for a thorough rebranding, and the overhaul included the web presence as well.

Following the set of guidelines from the new brand strategy, we set out to make a distinctly modern platform for various types of users. The goal was a friendly and engaging content, easy to navigate and set to easily convert visitors into clients.

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Retail/FMCG - Tekstilpromet d.d.

A largest retail chain of the legendary textile distributor Tekstilpromet, Centra stores offer a selection of fine foreign and domestic fashion brands in many locations around Croatia.

The new website needed to showcase all the brands on offer and serve as a portfolio page for new collections, offers and news from the industry. To let the vivid fashion imagery speak for itself loudly and clearly, the rest of the design had to be unobtrusive and minimal. We went with a distinct black and white feel, with occasional splashes of pastel color, and tons of white space.

A heavily modified and customized Wordpress platform was the chosen platform for Centra. A tailor-made solution for bespoke textile merchandise.

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Retail/FMCG - Atlantic Grupa d.d.

Roast and ground coffee. Espresso capsules. Instant coffee. Coffee to go. Each Barcaffe product is a story of adventure.

A voyage that starts on the carefully chosen coffee plantations and ends up in your cup of fragrant, aromatic, incredibly tasty beverage.

The redesigned website tells this story and builds up the desire to taste it and find out what it is all about. Told with vivid imagery and a short presentation of the product range, web seeks to entice, not to overwhelm with information.

The leading coffee brand in Slovenia, Barcaffe wants to establish its place in the neighbouring markets in the region. The new web presence showcases their diverse range of coffee products and tells the story of the brand philosophy, starting with the promise: For a beautiful day.

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Retail/FMCG - Kraš d.d.

A brand with a long tradition became synonymous with happiness for generations of consumers.

Kras is the largest manufacturer of chocolate confection, cookies, biscuits and all things sweet and delicious. 

Legendary treats like Domacica, Bajadera, Dorina chocolate range, Ki-ki fruit caramel candy, as well as many, many others deserved a new digital packaging for a new era. This we delivered.

Kras website is localized for six markets, or six languages. Sister companies Mira and Carolina also benefited from the new shiny design, as well as Choco bar and Ekopark. The result is a harmonized brand presence across all Kras subsidiaries and a stronger visitor connection to the core values of Kras itself.

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Smart Axiata

Telecomunication - Axiata Group

Smart Axiata part of Axiata group is the largest telecom operator in Cambodia. Now with new branding and digital presence.

The task was to apply new brand and a create a long-term solution as a cornerstone in digital space.

The new Smart web is focused on user experience, allowing users to easily compare the extensive amount of services and easily activate them. The result is a seamless, smooth and fully responsive web aimed at the modern Cambodian smartphone user.

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Arena Hospitality Group


One of the most dynamic hospitality groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

The third web in our continuing cooperation with Pula based tourism giant caters to the company growing need for a strong, modern corporate presence. 

The site is laid out with a sleek and informative interface. Following the Arena corporate brand identity, we went for an elegant style with a hint of luxury, representative of the high end venues in Arena portfolio. It presents the relevant information in a smart and intuitive way, while still allowing easy access to the less important info without overwhelming the user.

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sportske novosti


Rebranding the venerable sports daily.

The third part of the new digital media landscape for Hanza Media undertaken by Nivas is a redesign and rebranding of the oldest and most prominent sports themed daily newspaper, Sportske Novosti.

SN had its place on the internet even before, but only as a section of Jutarnji List portal. Nivas decided on a modern and much praised design direction, aiming to position Sportske Novosti as an independent portal for sports lovers. It worked, as the portal quickly rose into top 10 charts of Croatian web.

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Digital modernization of the renowned Croatian portal for modern girls (and guys).

Part two of the new digital media landscape for Hanza Media undertaken by Nivas, Gloria is the most successful and most read women's lifestyle magazin in Croatia.

The portal we created perfectly reflects class and style that the readers of the magazine came to expect. The clever use of whitespace and overlays serves to further emphasize this.

New marketing strategy of Gloria aims to widen the magazine's audience to male readers, and we took special care to help in this regard, with smart positioning of the male oriented content based on focus group user testing and post launch feedback.

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Arenacamps is a sister site of Arenaturist focusing on camping and mobile homes offer in Istria.

Arenacamps was built on the solid foundation of the first portal we made for Arenaturist, but that doesn't mean it is just a carbon copy. Built and localized for a slightly different target group, Arenacamps underwent separate user testing process that gave us much needed insight into user behavior across all demographics and allowed us to fine tune all the details.

Both portals run on our proprietary VUDU, a robust and versatile content managing system, with PHOBS integration for instant booking, ensuring the maximum ease of use for administrators and users alike.

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Jutarnji list


In 2010 we made a news portal that became the most viewed in Croatia. In 2016 we had a chance to do it again.

Jutarnji list, the flagship of Hanza Media, launched in 1998 and became digital in 2005, committed since the start to quickly adapt and incorporate the new trends. It was a major part of the reimagined digital landscape of Hanza Media publications done by Nivas. Wishing to push the envelope in a tough and competitive market such as net publishing, we set out to up the ante in every way.

In keeping with its paper form legacy, the chosen look is a stylish mix of traditional and contemporary, aiming for a clean, simplified approach to digesting daily news. Modular layout, able to present large amounts of content in an intelligent and manageable way, was tested by the users in a unique way. For 30 days, users had the chance to participate in finalizing the beta and watch the changes they made go live on a daily basis, providing invaluable feedback.

The portal is accessible from any device assuring a direct and easy contact with target groups of all ages. Sleek, fast, responsive and built with the user in mind, Jutarnji is a news portal for the modern reader.

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Arenaturist approached us for the digital refreshing of their web presence. It was an offer we couldn't refuse.

Boasting a 20,000 bed capacity between its hotels, resorts and campsites, all situated on the astonishing Istrian peninsula, the mission of Arenaturist has always been to present the travelers with a beautiful and streamlined interface to get acquainted, fall in love with, and choose the perfect vacation spot.

New Arenaturist portal had to follow our tried and tested e-tourism best practices, be completely PHOBS (online booking engine) integrated, multilingual and accessible from a wide range of devices. The goal was to create a website that is functional,  aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.

We engaged in extensive user testing, focusing on existing and new user habits and user experience, to enhance the development process as well as the conversion rates. The result is a beautiful, modern website to match the beauty of Arenaturist destinations.

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Financial - Tadawul

Tadawul, a Saudi Arabian Stock Exchange that lists 169 publicly traded companies needed a complete digital revamp .

After completing our previous work with the major telecommunications services provider - Mobily, Nivas was once again assigned for a large Saudi Arabian project. This time the customer was Tadawul (the Saudi Stock Exchange). The company asked for a major design overhaul of the website, focused on total responsiveness, clean and intuitive interface and inspired by the modern information design philosophies, along with digital strategy consulting and extensive user testing.

The major challenge was presenting the wealth of information in a structured and easy to use way, which we set to accomplish by going for the focused and clutter free interface that offers easy navigation without sacrificing content.

A strong blue and green color palette is a distinctive part of Tadawul branding, reflecting the core values of the kingdom itself - faith, growth and wisdom and perfectly embodying its vision - to become a global investment powerhouse and once again a gateway to the world.

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Entertainment - HT Produkcija d.o.o.

For Evotv, a new brand of digital television in Croatia, we redeveloped a conversion focused website, serving as a sales and support channel.

To present and explain a new type of digital television, we designed and developed a complete platform optimised for future growth, as well as expansion of services in years to come.

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Retail/FMCG - Podravka d.d.

Creativity, freedom of thought, courage and emotion lead the new communications direction that brings Vegeta closer to the new generations.

The new site is full of distinctive visuals and playful communication, inviting visitors to interact with each other and successfully break the routine of website usage, showing that brands with decades of tradition, such as Vegeta, can be leaders in digital communication, especially for the younger audience.

The new website is designed in responsive, HTML5 technology, which allows all users access to the same high quality and unique experience across all types of devices - from traditional desktop to tablets and smartphones. In addition to responsiveness, site contains advanced CSS3 animation, modern parallax scrolling and navigation, and the elements are adapted for interaction via touch screen devices.

The site is rich with innovations such as intelligent interactive content "Mood Food". Their uniqueness lies in market research and collaboration with a psychologist resulting in a connection between the mood and the food through advanced algorithms.

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Laguna Poreč

Tourism - Plava laguna

Laguna Poreč is Croatia’s largest vacation destination, consisting of 3 resorts located in the largest Adriatic peninsula - Istria.

In line with the new rebranding, we designed and developed the multilingual website with focus on usability and SEO, providing the platform for future development and upgrades in years to come. We had a simple goal of making the best tourist/destination website in the region. A simple goal that required lots of hard work including prototyping, design, programming, copywriting and much, much more. Visit to see for yourself what we have done and definitely visit Istria - a unique, must see destination.

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Villas Korčula

Tourism - Serenada Tourist Agency

Villas Korčula – web project that has a selection of the most beautiful villas with pool on Korčula Island.

To attract the foreign tourists, Serenada agency hand picked the most beautiful villas and commissioned a VUDU web project to ensure the longevity of the solution. Send request module is implemented to create a streamlined workflow of agency sales, while the appealing front end ensures the user has an easy time choosing the right accommodation for his vacation.

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Summer is here

Tourism - Hrvatska Turistička Zajednica

We are proud to present a small but very important landing page for Croatian tourist board. 

The case was simple; due to an unprecedented amount of stakeholders, the website (Summer is here) has remained more or less the same for the last 5-6 years. This would not be a problem if more and more visitors were not reaching it via mobile phones, tablets and other new age devices that require a fresh responsive approach.

As the summer is here and growing number of tourist are visiting the website to discover more about our country, its beauties and its offer, it became critical to present a responsive cross-country (and cross-target) optimised page that can inspire and drive interest around the globe for what is surely one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. 

To put a new face on we delivered a full responsive mini site, with responsive typography, responsive images, responsive loading, responsive cloud infrastructure optimized for high load and more.

The result is a light, immersive experience for one true home of Summer – Croatia.

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Državni ured za reviziju

Financial - Državni ured za reviziju

The Office is focused on auditing financial statements and improving the legality and efficiency of entities managing public property. 

State Audit contributes to improving management of public property and other available resources, informedness of the Croatian Parliament, the Government and citizens of the Republic of Croatia with respect to the manner and results of management of the budgetary, extra-budgetary and other funds given to the audited parties for management and disposal. 

We have been assigned to make an informative and responsive website for the office. Smart, user tested interface was critical to ensure that all the relevant information would be readily available for all expected types of traffic.

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Entertainment - LMO

_lmo  is a small but growing agency based in Zagreb specialized for full photography services. 

The agency works with the most talented creative minds in the Country and they cover almost everything - from location scouting and casting to retouching. The idea behind the website was to present their stunning portfolio and wide spectrum of their services in a fresh and stylish way. We’ve accomplished this using Angular for those smooth transitions adapted for all device platforms.

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Dubrovački dnevnik

Entertainment - Dubrovački dnevnik

First info from the client was - We want VUDU CMS because we've heard that it can save time and it can streamline all of our editorial efforts.

The redesigned solution we had in mind needed to reach more goals then just easy and fast content administration. We created advertising real estate that doesn't interfere with browsing the content and enjoying the portal. As a result, the portal went from top 50 to top 10 portals in the country in the first year of service. 

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Dani komunikacija

Entertainment - Dani Komunikacija

Days of Communication festival is the central gathering point for local marketing professionals and communicators in the field of traditional and digital advertising

Their main goal is to continue to educate, inspire, reward creativity and efficiency, connect marketing professionals in one place and persist in raising awareness of the importance of marketing communication processes in a changing market environment. 

For Days of Communication we developed a responsive website focusing on readability and accessibility, making sure viewers can always check schedule and details about speakers, as well as where the best party in Rovinj is. 

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Entertainment - Hattrick Sports Group

Corporate web solution that presents the Hattrick Sports Group expertise in Sports Gaming to potential partners and investors.

Hattrick SG is regional leader in Sports gaming and offers Hi Tech solutions for Web & Mobile sports gaming, as well as more traditional outlets like terminals and retail shops. Obvious challenges were how to present a technology service without enough HI quality visual assets like  photos & videos. That was achieved with combination of video presentation that was tweaked for web as well as creating a visual iconography and design that clearly communicates the Hattrick SG fields of expertise.  

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UNICEF - Čovječe, ispravi se!

Education - UNICEF

UNICEF survey conducted in 2014 has shown that one third of children of primary school age never heard of children's rights. 

Encouraged by the results of research, UNICEF decided to increase the level of awareness of children about their rights in a fun and educational way. The best opportunity for this was the 68th birthday of UNICEF and the 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The UNICEF website released the first version of a computer game for children of primary school age entitled Čovječe, ispravi se. Primary target group are children aged from 6 to 14 years.

We decided to use SVG in combination with Javascript to derive the logic and animation of game. Game data is AJAX fetched from a server storing questions and answers. Special adjustment required all the information to be received visually. Special attention was paid to the availability of content to all users, including the blind and visually impaired users and users with motor impairments. We did this using ARIA attribute.

Game has been played 2,500 times, by 1,698 girls and 802 boys. Although the advertising budget for the game was 0, with the help of the ambassadors and UNICEF assistant, the game has made significant results. It certainly became part of the training materials intended for schools and libraries.

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Kursalon Wien


Kursalon Wien is one of the most exclusive buildings of Vienna that holds classical concerts. Yes, of course you can buy your concert ticket online.  

Our goal was to create a solution that would evoke the look & feel of events that take part in the venue (concerts, weddings, dinner galas, etc...) The VUDU e-commerce was fully customized for administration of online ticket sales to enable the desired client control. If you ever find yourself in Vienna, make sure to buy an online ticket and indulge yourself in a Mozart&Strauss concert along with a dinner in the beautiful Kursalon Wien. 

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Villas Hvar

Tourism - Kabal tours d.o.o.

The island of Hvar, we believe, needs no special introduction – well known for beauty, sun, tourism, heritage such as well aged wine - and then some more sun.

Our client presented us with an exquisite collection of accommodation pearls, vibrant with traditional, yet luxurious Mediterranean feel, perfect for an unforgettable vacation. We conveyed this unique feeling on Villas Hvar web site by ommitting all the redundant content usually encountered on tourism sites as it tends to obscure the true meaning viewer should experience – the “wish you were here” moment. To emphasize this even more, we focused on visual richness of the site regardless of viewers device in hands since it is made in responsive technology powered by our VUDU platform to ensure the flawless backend flow. The result: beautiful, colorful and inviting web site – almost like Villas and the island of Hvar themselves. :)

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Retail/FMCG - Podravka d.d.

What connects the premium regional food & beverages brand, web and kids? The Web app ‘Zabava u tvom tanjuru’ (‘The party in your plate’). 

Following the premise  ‘fun, educative and easy to play ’, we created a game which promotes a new brand flavors: special  soups and pastas for kids. User experience was highly determined by beautiful animation, ‘light’ challenge (hunting the ‘Podravka hearts’) and  superior awards. That great deal also had great results: building stronger brand awareness, loyalty and online exposure with more than 11 000 unique players in only one month.

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Retail/FMCG - Frikom d.o.o.

To begin with, Frikom is one of the leaders in ice cream and frozen food production in the region tracing its origins back to 1970.

If it sounds somewhat familiar – no worries, we are not stealing our own copywriting – it is shared with our earlier Ledo project. Ledo and Frikom are both member companies of one major concern producing basically the same products with a distinct regional touch. The challenge was to make web site for Frikom that would communicate common corporate vision as Ledo project, but at the same time be regionally flexible and adjustable. We followed the same logic considering the span of product and user segments, but at the same time enabled regional focus with presentational aspects of the web site. Frikom inherited our VUDU framework from Ledo project as the logical foundation for making this “hardcode-flexibility” combination possible. We consider both sites combined twice as chilly. :)

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Entertainment - Bunker d.o.o.

It is no secret - we are used to dealing with more or less challenging projects.

With Bunker, the crucial question was: How to transform basic and limited WordPress platform to a very polished and authentic website? Our client is one of the most recognizable film, TV commercial and production, post-production service companies in the region and their work speaks for itself. We were determined in our smart ‘keep it simple’ approach: less words, more visuals. Following those two main criteria, we accomplished unique, usable and beautiful composition.

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Etex France

Retail/FMCG - etexfrance

From day zero, here at Nivas we keep a high standard of accessibility for all of our solutions.

When Etex approached us to develop a website focused on the visually impaired, we were happy to put our skills to the test and develop a truly accessible solution. The result is a web that targets caretakers and visually impaired, providing an ease of use for all.

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Retail/FMCG - Jamnica

For Jana, one of Croatia’s most recognisable brands, we developed a storytelling parallax website that targets global markets.

The idea was to connect with the users through a simple story that can delight and entertain. The feel and the experience we wanted to convey was what Jana is all about - a natural treasure made to refresh.

The result – a custom scripted parallax full of rich visuals, optimised for all platforms but focused on desktop, as this is where we wanted to reach the users.

As we continue to develop Jana’s digital presence, stay tuned for more updates :)

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Retail/FMCG - Ledo d.d.

Ledo is Croatian market leader in the frozen food segment, most recognized for its ice cream products, that has been with us since 1958.

We developed a brand new corporate online presence for Ledo, covering all the segments from frozen foods to colorful ice creams, targeting consumers, business partners and the hospitality segment. With several methods of browsing and searching through the large product base, it is now easier than ever to find a perfect ingredient for your meals or perfect flavour for a hot summer day. Our work includes conceptualizing, structuring and optimising Ledo’s large product base to deliver the best user experience, with rich and colourful design driven by our VUDU framework.

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Telecomunication - bonbon corporate website

bonbon is a Croatian prepaid cellular network aimed at young people and customers who live a dynamic life, offering high quality services at low prices. 

After an in depth analysis of user behaviour patterns, business processes, customer self care needs and brand positioning, we balanced out uplifting and corporate content, dose of happines, user experience and advanced features and came up with a bonbon 2012 redesign, a solution that should help measure, optimize and increase both customer satisfaction and brand value as well as online sales.

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Bonbon for tourists

Telecomunication - HT - Hrvatski telekom d.d.

Are you visiting Croatia for holidays? Are you addicted to mobile surfing, texting and social networks on-the-go?

Well then we have a winner! Bonbon network's tourist offer is just for you! Grab one of their SIM cards, plug them in, and rock on. For bonbon we have developed a small multi-lingual website, targeted at all those who come to Croatia for a short visit, helping them maintain their love for the digital world while away from their home networks.

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Entertainment - EuropaPress Holding

Globus (The Globe) is a leading Croatian political weekly magazine.

We hope that the new redesigned portal that we built for them will contribute to their success even more.

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Dubrovački vjesnik

Entertainment - EuropaPress Holding

Dubrovački vjesnik is regional weekly newspaper that writes about topics from the Dubrovnik-Neretva county.

We hope that the new redesigned news portal with elements of socialization that we built for them will contribute to their success.

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Financial - Središnja agencija za financiranje i ugovaranje

The Central Finance and Contracting Agency is a branch of Croatian Ministry of Finance.

CFCA is responsible for financing, procurement, payment and monitoring of the implementation of programmes and projects funded by the European Union.

Even though for us it seemed like a blink of an eye, more than 6 years have passed since the original CFCA site was launched, and the time has come to give it a little digital makeover.


The core principles of usability and ease of navigation (a particularly tricky task, given the wealth of information the site contains), remain in the new version, while the user interface, design and layout follow new trends with a healthy dose of our unique approach and solutions.


Keeping in mind the wide and diverse audience of government bodies' web, we decided to keep a relatively simple color scheme and a neat grid layout. This went exceptionally well with crisp, almost old fashioned typography and our signature huge, brazen heading style, this time done in Museo with its flowing serifs.

Content management is handled by our proprietory Vudu CMS, for maximum flexibility and easy handling of content. 

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