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Telecomunication - Hrvatski Telekom d.d.

BONBON APP A Croatian mobile operator Bonbon has always been about the ease of use, lifestyle and cutting edge solutions, making it a perfect fit for the tech savvy and adventurous millennials.

After careful brand positioning and alignment of the offers with the needs of their user base, publishing a mobile app came as a logical next step. They asked Nivas to help with this task - an honor and a challenge we just couldn't refuse.


Bonbon's prepaid and postpaid services are very flexible and give a lot of options to the user. This flexibility, however, tends to create a bit of friction that we believed could be avoided. We knew we needed to streamline the process and make it even more accessible, and for this, we chose a mix of custom made APIs and standard app functionalities, dressed in an intuitive and easy to use UI.

The other important function the application had to fulfill is delivering the marketing content directly to users in a nonobtrusive, informative way, enhancing the conversion rates and promoting the upsell. We implemented a smart and robust notification system to push the relevant info to target segments without overwhelming them.


Instead of the protracted exchange of messages between the user and the operator, which used to be a standard process for making any purchase, now the user has everything at the fingertip - a few swipes, a tap or two and the action is done, be it a purchase, information gathering or browsing and settling of invoices.

The most important quality of life enhancement is the code scanner that removes the need to enter the fourteen digit codes manually for crediting the account. This, along with easy in-app purchase system for any combination of calls, messages and data packages significantly shortens the purchase cycle, removing the most serious friction in prepaid telecommunications.


The dashboard had to be informative and give a wealth of data at a glance. We imagined it as a series of gauges giving the user important info about the projected expenditure. The data can be used to optimize the phone usage habits or choose a package best suited for the particular needs.

To remove the possible clutter, the main menu was built separately for the prepaid and the postpaid users. This way only the relevant sections are presented to the user, making his experience much smoother and more elegant. 


The app was launched and is available in the Google Play store. It is great to see the extremely positive feedback and the steady growth of users, even at this very early stage. This reassures us that users really needed the enhancements it provides, but our work is far from done.

We look forward to the constant testing, frequent bug hunting expeditions, listening to the audience, making improvements and ironing out all the kinks. In our minds this is not perfectionism, this is the only way to do the project.

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