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Pimp my google

Author: mark February 26, 2007

After reading seven’s post about how a black variant of the google home page would actually save energy I decided to do some research in hopes of doing just that, changing the skin of google. How hard can it be I thought to myself, a little bit of css in conjunction with firefox and a mean plug in, would do the trick. So after playing around a bit a found the solution and here it is.
Things you will need:

  1. Firefox
  2. Stylish firefox plug in
  3. A bit of css knowledge

With the stylish plug in you can actually alter the css of any site including google. After installing the plug in and restaring firefox you will have a new little icon in the bottom right corner of firefox, this is the stylish plug in settings. Next download this file to your desktop. Open up that file with notepad and search replace your google location, for example: replace .com with .hr depending on your location and then save the file.
Next go to your google home page, right click the stylish settings icon and choose write styles > for this url and copy paste the file you just tweaked and paste it to yo the console. That’s it you should now have a pimped out version of google that saves energy too.
The original article and more customizations can be found here.