Firefox 7

Author: seven September 28, 2011

Mozilla… Seriously? Really? :) I like auto updates (despite the crazy versioning), but this way of informing me I have an update is way too aggressive. This crazy window just popped while I was browsing and freaked me out. Yes, I clicked restart… and as with every update, I lost half of the plugins due to incompatibility with this glorious new version. Plx, next time could you instead put a nice little balloon with “update ready” notice or something, for crying out loud!

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Neven Jacmenović has been passionately involved with computers since late 80s, the age of Atari and Commodore Amiga. As one of internet industry pioneers in Croatia, since 90s, he has been involved in making of many award winning, innovative and successful online projects. He is an experienced full stack web developer, analyst and system engineer. In his spare time, Neven is transforming retro-futuristic passion into various golang, Adobe Flash and JavaScript/WebGL projects.