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My pinky

Author: Daemon September 20, 2011

One week ago in a silly small accident a branch hit me in the left hand while I was riding a bike causing a crack in my metacarpal pinky bone. Nothing serious, but doctors put a cast on my hand just to be sure the bone heals properly and is not further accidentally damaged.

As some of you know, on my left arm I have Adobe tattoo and just for fun I thought I could draw Adobe logo on my cast while it is hidden. During that same day I was pondering on that, I was on a meeting when a client suggested to stamp a logo with a company stamp on my cast. And then it hit me, like a thunder.

I have quickly made a small one-page website where I would offer advertising space on my cast to whoever was interested. The page is in Croatian, and to quickly summarize it; it says I have 2 panels on my cast for sale, I briefly explain what are the benefits for the potential clients and what I promise to do (not destroy cast, not compromise the brand). The cast is removed on 10th of October ending the advertising campaign.

Yesterday (19.09.) morning, I have uploaded my one-pager, and promptly afterwards Netokracija and Zriha Blog covered the story.

In a matter of half an hour, both panels were sold. The top panel went to Gadgeterija, a techno geek blog, and the bottom panel went to bonbon, fresh mobile network. I did receive more inquiries in my inbox, but alas – too late. First come, first serve.

Yesterday evening the agreed visuals were inked onto cast with permanent marker, and I will take care of them till the end of campaign.

It is obvious to everyone that the visual exposure of logos in my daily life is not the prime advertising bulk. Yes, it is crazy seeing someone on the street with a telecom brand on a cast, but that’s not the point. The point is all the hype generated by the idea and campaign itself. The advertising itself is not important here, it’s the “advertising” of the advertising (blogging, radio interview I gave, etc…) that will bring better ROI to my clients. Mad world, eh?

The power of the internet and flash ideas.


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