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More Blood for the Adobe

Author: Daemon January 20, 2009

So anyways. You know about the Adobe logo that I did some time ago.

Since my friend, mister Mirko Ledic (Adobe Business Development Manager for my region), kept nagging me to do it, I kinda figured I might as well do the entire thing.

But, all personal jokes aside, Adobe is my, our, daily bread and butter. And by the looks of it, it will be like that until I grow old, senile, and incapable of holding computer mouse. Until then, Adobe will be a huge part of my life, and as such, this small tribute is the least I can do to fuel their spirit into making better software to ease and simplify my life.

(Note: I will snapshot this when it heals a bit, this part of hand is very VERY delicate, and was hurting like hell)

Sacrifice in blood was made, all hail the digital gods!


    16 thoughts on “More Blood for the Adobe”

  • OMG!!!! :) I leave you for one day and you go tattoo crazy!


  • And then they say that Linux fans are zealots… :)

  • now thats some big love!

  • why not doing microsoft on the other hand? they play even bigger part in your life even before you started using adobe products :D (and probably long after they buy out adobe or something ;)

  • …and then Adobe announces a logo redesign… ;)

  • Meh. Microsoft. Maybe one day i switch to Mac, or Linux, or Google OS, or Whatever, but Adobe will always stay Adobe. I really do not see ANY real possibility that someone will remove them from the throne.

  • All theres’s left is hope that they don’t decide to rebrand to let’s say… Mitsubishi-Adobe! ;)

  • Hmmm… Daemon… what do you say about Honda logo on other arm… I wouldn’t mind. Smells like sponsorship agreement … :)

  • ovaj vise voli adobe nego curu ili zenu hahahhaa

    bas ludoo :D

  • You do realize word on the street is that Apple could buy Adobe if they wanted too, in cash no less, sound unrealistic? That’s what the Audio boys thought about Logic…

  • Aesthetically, I think it worked better without the logotype under it. For one, it was more abstract and more of an “inside joke” to those who know Adobe. Now it’s pretty in your face. But maybe that’s what you were after!

    Either way, you got some balls, son!

  • Marcel, i think so as well. But Adobe kept bitching to me “add the letters as well”. So, well, i said; whatever i will add the letters. I mean, i already stepped over the line with the [A] so this will not be that much more deviant.

    Thanks for the balls, daddy.

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