Firefox 4 fancy window border issue

Author: seven March 29, 2011

The long awaited release of Firefox 4 is behind us. It’s faster, slicker and by all means just better than his predecestor. But, just after installing it a week ago, something was bothering me. It took me couple of days to figure out what it was.

The new fancy windows7/vista style window border introduced in Firefox 4 has a nasty habbit of “jumping” (resizing) when status bar appears. Status bar appears every time you hover a link, which basically happens all the time.

Check left and right window gradients while I’m hovering the links:


Oddly enough, this does not happen if browser is in fullscreen, maximized or very small:


update 30.3.2011. Bug ID 633282.

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  • I’ve noticed the exact same problem the first day I installed FF4, and it’s annoying as hell….

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