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Blurry logos 2 – Facebook logo

Author: Daemon October 6, 2008

Continuing post I made about Current logo, where I criticized the execution of their logo (and got awesome feedback from Current crew resulting in them changing logo), today I will be focusing on New.Facebook logo. As you know, Facebook redesigned some time ago, and in that redesign they shrunk their logo.

However, the execution of that shrinking was done so poorly that my eyes cry tears of blood every time I see that logo. The logo as it is now online is blurry in all directions, leaving a very unprofessional and unpolished feeling. Don’t get me wrong, the designers of Facebook are my personal idols because I understand all the issues they had to overcome in creating/maintaining such a huge project, and whoever says New.Facebook sucks should be put out of it’s misery.

However, the logo, IT IS KILLING ME. So I took some time to try and fix it.

Here are the results:

Facebook logo tweak

You can see how the crispy version looks so much better. So, Facebook guys, steal this logo, and slap it up, I will not mind.

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    4 thoughts on “Blurry logos 2 – Facebook logo”

  • It’s hard being a perfectionist at your work, and than seeing some of the most popular websites doing such a bad job. It makes you think, why do we get so involved into these minute details, when in the end, only 1% of users will notice. and logos are screwy also. Don’t even get me started on the cnn favicon.

    Btw, your famfamfam icons look like shit in ie6 (no transparency). Sorry, couldn’t resist ;).

  • Haha, thanks! Screw IE6, people that read our blog know better than to use IE6 =)

  • I’m so happy to finally find your post! I couldn’t understand how I was the only one that noticed (or couldn’t ignore?) the fact that Facebook’s logo had turned fuzzy…AND it changes when you click it which disturbs me on some level. I’m certainly no professional, but this was too much for even me. Thanks for being there to notice and not leave me feeling crazy anymore.

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