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From Logitech with love

Author: Daemon December 27, 2007

Nivas Loves Logitech


Two days after the initial post about material issues with Logitech G9 mouse I got contacted by Logitech account manager. During the quite a long telephone conversation we discussed, among other subjects, what to do with my G9, and came to a conclusion that it would be the best if I could return the combat tested and damaged mouse so Logitech can test it and see how to fix this problem, and I would promptly get new G9.

Today UPS delivery guy showed up with my new G9. Considering Christmas and all adjacent holidays I would call this quite fast. All that is left now is to meet up with Logitech rep here in Zagreb, and return the old mouse. Sweet.

The level of professionalism displayed by Logitech is really outstanding. Customers are used to be treated like dirt – if your new mobile phone breaks down, in my firm belief and first hand experience, manufacturer and retailer will find a way to avoid you and your pitiful requests for help. However, Logitech promptly jumped to action and quickly solved an issue that is not even (completely) their fault – damage to a product caused by using the product is normally not covered by any warranty.

Just looking at this from marketing and advertising perspective, Logitech retained me as a customer for life, and I spoke about this to my friends further increasing word-of-mouth advertising. Is that worth one mouse? Hell yea!

Thanks Logi!


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