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Digg is not crisp too

Author: Daemon June 20, 2008

As expected, with public release of Firefox3 people are starting to complain that more and more sites look blurry. Entire communities based on pixel art, and pixel perfect websites are completely enraged by the bug in Firefox 3 that causes images to become blurry. We have reported this problem to Mozilla during Beta 5 stage when they introduced Cairo rendering engine, and this bug persisted to release.

And then, from the heavens came this:

Blurry Digg

Not even the mighty Digg could escape the Firefox 3 rendering bug. Maybe the pressure from Digg team could do something to quicken the Mozilla to release quick update to fix this issue, since by now it is well known to all web developers why is this happening.

All we know is that Firefox 3, as good as it is, is pissing people off all around the globe.


    6 thoughts on “Digg is not crisp too”


  • Digg it people, this is for the benefit of entire web population!

  • I like to digg , it help me to get traffic and to save my fav website.
    One more important reason for digging is that you will get you page in google SERP .. thats why people still like to digg.

  • Off topic, but have you guys tried running Firefox3 on your Mac Mini? It is running RECOCKULOUSLY slow for me

    i thought it was just me, but im seeing a few others are having the problem

    hvala decki!

  • Firefox3 is running slow even on my desktop 4.2 ghz workstation. I am pretty pissed lately. Even typing in the address in address bar is hogging the system. :(

  • Try viewing any page that uses Bold fonts with Firefox 3 on Windows 2000… FF3 uses the XP/Vista ClearType rendering for text, with no way to revert to TrueType for Win 2000 users. Instead of soft, you get yucky pixelated text! It’s really a shame that Mozilla is discontinuing support for Firefox 2 considering both graphics and text rendering issues. When I email Mozilla people about it they said, too bad so sad, upgrade to XP… which is odd since FF3 claims to be compatible with W2K.

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