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jQuery 1.1.3 released

Author: seven July 2, 2007

Just two words – fast and fixed! If you haven’t checked out v1.1.3 before from SVN, jQuery 1.1.3 was released officially yesterday. Tons and tons of bug fixes, and massive speed gain. Guys also announced roadmap of new 1.2 branch (which sure looks promising) and a whole new Drag & Drop library called jQuery UI. The library will contain full code for Draggables, Droppables, Sortables, Resizables, and a Slider. Sweet!

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    2 thoughts on “jQuery 1.1.3 released”

  • That sounds great. I hope that this release will cut those funky IE errors in half. JQuery UI sounds really good too.

  • Dude, when you see our evil jQuery ways we implemented in vudu, you will be pleased! :)

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