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Excel stopped calculating formulas – Earth coming to an end?

Author: seven March 20, 2012

From early 60s to modern times, spreadsheet processors play important role in every man’s day life which basic functionality is taken for granted.

In the accounting a “spread sheet” was and is a large sheet of paper with columns and rows that lays everything out about transactions for a business person to examine. An electronic spreadsheet organizes information into columns and rows. The data can then be “added up” by a formula to give a total or sum. The spreadsheet program summarizes information from many sources in one place and presents the information.
If you are wondering who are those two cool spreadsheet hipsters, check out A Brief History of Spreadsheets (here and here). Now, let’s go back to 2012. Erm 2007.

Did your Excel (2007) stopped auto calculating your precious formulas out of the sudden and you are in a hurry to send cost estimates to your client? Just like mine did? Yes, that can be nasty. :)

  1. Click on the Formulas ribbon tab,
  2. then select Calculation Options,
  3. and then check if Automatic is on.

Simple eh? How did this switch off in first place? No idea. This applies to Excel 2007, dunno about 2012:

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