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Speed up TortoiseSVN cache process (TSVNCache.exe) and lower your disk I/O activity

Author: seven September 27, 2011

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of disk I/O activity in my Windows coming from TSVNCache.exe process which was killing my disk performance. TortoiseSVN cache process checks repository checkouts for changes and displays nice overlay icons in Windows Explorer.

Instead of disabling the cache, you can optimize the paths where TSVNCache.exe looks for repositories so it only actually looks at working copies and not your whole disk(s) drive(s).

If you keep all of your working copies in one location, this is a dead simple:

  1. right-click on your desktop and click TortoiseSVN -> Settings
  2. in the tree view, click on to Look and Feel/Icon Overlays
  3. in the Exclude Paths box put all your hdd letters (eg: C:\* d:\*) and separate the values with newlines.
  4. on the Include Paths box, put all your working copies locations, again separated by newlines (eg: d:\dev\*).

Notice the * – sign at the end of each path, this is necessary to include/exclude subdirs.

that’s it. here are just some words for robots: svn, subversion, windows, slow, problem.

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Neven Jacmenović has been passionately involved with computers since late 80s, the age of Atari and Commodore Amiga. As one of internet industry pioneers in Croatia, since 90s, he has been involved in making of many award winning, innovative and successful online projects. He is an experienced full stack web developer, analyst and system engineer. In his spare time, Neven is transforming retro-futuristic passion into various golang, Adobe Flash and JavaScript/WebGL projects.

    3 thoughts on “Speed up TortoiseSVN cache process (TSVNCache.exe) and lower your disk I/O activity”

  • Great, thx,
    this greatly reduced my disc IO on my laptop.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Wellington Torrejais da Silva
    Wellington Torrejais da Silva
    October 7, 2016 at 13:49


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