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Love vs. Must

Author: Daemon August 22, 2011

I was thinking for a while now about the main difference in iPhone (or iOS in general) and Android apps. Yeah, everyone knows by now that iOS Apps are nicer, smoother, yadda yadda yadda, but that is not it. Then it finally dawned on me, the main difference.

It’s that iOS Apps are build out of LOVE, and Android Apps are build out of MUST.

Developers making iOS Apps do so because they love it. They love the devices, they love the way people will use their software, the way stuff moves, even the way pure coding works. iOS Apps, best ones, are a product of love for this whole ecosystem. On the other hand, Android Apps are coded because they must be coded. They are usually an afterthought created after iOS App is done. There is no love there, just “meh … we must do it, so let’s get this over with”. Even Apps made by the same company look much worse on Android.

You can see this in every corner.

Look at the TapBots. Look at the love poured into the website alone. And the love that went into each individual Bot can be felt when you use it.

Take a look at this; Demon Cam. This is a very simple App, my guess is it will not make much of an impact, but look at the love that went into creating not just the App but this promo video:

[youtube width=”475″ height=”300″][/youtube]

These are movie quality effects created just to promote and accompany a small App.

Shaun Inman loves pixels, and this love runs through the pixels. Playing his latest game “The Last Rocket“, you can feel it.

Brilliant game “Sword & Sworcery” which won IGF Mobile ‘Achievement in Art’ award in March 2010 was made out of love. Stuff like this will absolutely never appear on Android.

Do you know of some Android App which can go shoulder-to-shoulder with the ones above? Please do tell.


    3 thoughts on “Love vs. Must”

  • also, iPhones are used by people who are in love with their phones on every level, androids are mostly used by people who need to get shit done and get on with it…

  • I really LOVE programming 100,000 lines of code and then not selling them. Get real man :) iOS is the best selling platform for apps, of course the apps need to look brilliant. The price tag for iPhone is way up than Android phone. Of course it needs to look spectacular.

  • Well, I would not say it is WAY up. High end Androids (Galaxy S) are pretty much shoulder to shoulder. And if you are buying them subsidized from telecom, it comes pretty much the same.

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