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Author: Daemon November 8, 2010

Yea, well, I fell biking. The falling was easy part, landing in a 4 meter deep mountain chasm was the hard part. Leg snapped. Mountaineering Rescue Service dragged my ass to the safety, and I was situated in Trauma hospital for 7 days after the surgery.

Ah yes. The surgery. Surgeons have inserted a solid piece of titanium through my tibia, joining the broken pieces together, and screwed entire construct solid. I do not even have a cast for people to sign!

My broken leg

7 days in the hospital, and I am back in the game. With dual wielding crutches for the next month. But the leg will heal perfectly, stronger than ever, titanium rod inserted there fusing with my bone forever.

But still, do not try this at home. It hurts.


    One thought on “$(‘#leg’).hasClass(‘.broken’).append(‘titanium’);”

  • Why not $(“#leg”).is(“.broken”).add(“titanium”);

    Hope you get well soon!

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