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iPhone iOS4 – quick tip

Author: Daemon June 23, 2010

iOS4 was released yesterday. It is awesome. It introduced true multitasking, folders for Apps, all-in-one mailbox (yay!) and many more cool features.

It also introduced an ability to have wallpaper behind your App icons as well. Neat feature, but what happens if you do not want to have wallpaper behind your icons? When you go to settings there is no option to disable wallpaper on your Homescreen! And speaking honestly, wallpaper behind icons just adds a layer of unnecessary visual clutter, and makes some icons look pretty bad because they were originally designed to be placed on black background.

What to do?

Simple. Start camera, put your finger over the lens completely covering it and take a black photo. Then set that black photo as a Homescreen wallpaper.

Ta-daaah! Black background for your Homescreen.


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