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Opera for iPhone is in App store

Author: Daemon April 13, 2010

Apple approved Opera for iPhone. Whole world is in shock & awe. I have installed it, and took it for a test drive on about 10 sites (mostly our latest sites, Facebook and similar other hard hitters).

Conclusion? Opera, as it is in this first release, sucks donkey balls. Yes, it is fast. There the good things stop. It renders pages horribly. Does not support any rendering engines (webkit comes to mind). Zooming is horrid. Scrolling is pain. Interface was poorly thought of. Copy to clipboard is insane (by insane I mean: not there). It is just bad.

Furthermore, there is no way to integrate Opera deep into iPhone. When you click a link from Mail, it will open in Safari. Shortcuts to websites you have on your Homescreen open in Safari. It is just too timeconsuming to jump from Safari to Opera in order to faster surf there.

In short, Apple approved Opera so people could quickly understand how sucky it is, and start talking words of praise for Safari and at the same time removed some of the Nazi attributes they gathered lately. They turned this while thing into superpositive spin for them. Hat down to you Apple, masters of marketing.