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Logitech – TouchMouse – amazing

Author: Daemon February 8, 2010

I am a long time Logitech fan. To put things in perspective, I used Logitech mice while they still had a ball in them, that was some 10 years ago, I believe. Over the time Logitech managed to always out-do themselves, and be on the very forefront of input technology.

Not to mention that their customer support is awesome. When I bitched about my mouse falling apart, they saw that on this blog, called Nivas office and offered to mail me new one ASAP. Amazing.

But what is really amazing is that Logitech really gets *it*. They really do, and they blew me away with their latest product. It is called Logitech TouchMouse, and it is not a hardware. It is an iPhone App that hooks to your computer via wireless network (and small Mouse Server software you need to download).

Then through your iPhone you can control mouse pointer and keyboard input. And it works like a charm, smooth and precise.

But what really shocked me (in a positive way) is the concept behind this. This free App just replaced my need for wireless input devices. Logitech wireless keyboard that people use to control computer from bed while watching a movie just became redundant, as well as many other devices that Logitech is selling.

Someone at Logitech actually had the balls to conclude the following:

  • Everyone has iPhone / iPod Touch, and soon to be dominant iPad
  • In the not-so-distant-future input devices will be replaced with direct jack in the brain
  • Therefore – Logitech will have to stop making input HARDWARE and start making input SOFTWARE

Even if this means less sales for their main product line, they still released this software. What balls, eh?

Furthermore, this concept of iPhone controlling your computer could be taken to the next level. Take any driving game (Need for Speed, or whatever) – make it use iPhone as steering wheel input device. It’s that simple. I bet you that in the next 6 months we will see games start using iPhone as input device, based on this proof of concept Logitech handed to us for free.


    One thought on “Logitech – TouchMouse – amazing”

  • I’ve been using it for a few days now and Its absolutly great! two finger scrolling in a browser on a Windows machine. Priceless!

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