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Flash on iPad / iPhone

Author: Daemon January 29, 2010

Apple will never, or at least not in the foreseeable future, enable Flash on iPad and iPhone.

So far, none of the internet theory-crafters did not manage to hit the nail on the has as to why does Apple hate Flash so much. People are talking about CPU/battery consumption, they are talking about Flash being too slow to run on iPhone, and all sorts of different technical reasons.

Technical reasons are the least of Apple’s worry.

Let me put this simple: enabling Flash on iPad/iPhone would seriously harm App Store. That’s right. Think about it – the majority of games and Apps can easily be replicated in Flash. OK, I must admit, games using 3D engine, and Apps using camera could not be replicated to Flash (at least to my humble knowledge), but the major volume of income for Appstore comes from retarded small fart-apps, and from simple easy to play games. Games like Bejeweled, Lexic, apps like Tweetie, TweetDeck and Things could all be available via Flash applications as well.

Not to mention that Flash could enable even better UX than iPhone native apps due to effects such as blurs that would enable motion-blurring of items that move in and out of the screen, perspective blur for items that are in the “distance”, etc.

All that would remain then is to create a central marketplace and viable business model (flat rate Apps?) that would allow users to create account and leave credit card number and purchase Flash based Apps. Hell, why one, why not many! Competition is always good!

No, this would not kill Appstore outright because there are some things only native iPad/iPhone App can do, but it would be a huge chunk in it’s revenue. Just check your iPhone, and see how many of Apps you have could be easily recreated in Flash, and see for your self what Flash would do to Apple.


    4 thoughts on “Flash on iPad / iPhone”

  • AFAIK Flash CS5 will be able to publish iphone compatible output. it will be a swf wrapped into something appleish iphoneish.

    The performance and the usability are unknown to me.

    I am guessing they won’t let apps like that install behind appstores back.

  • AFAIK apple hates you if you publish anything that is not native iphone app and does not allow that on appstore. so if you want to be on appstore, the app MUST BE in native code – no javascript apps, no anything except native code – which means Xcode, objective C and so on.

  • I agree. Flash on Apple Mobile devices is just pure idiocy.

    It’s interesting to think that many of these people complaining probably haven’t tried iPhone Dev or have a Mac, yep im playing the Mac hater card there.

    Flash in general, Apple device or not, is a bad idea. Thankfully it wont be around for too much longer.

  • yup no parsing, no java also. i think that they will alow CS5 compile to iPhone if they will be able to control cache flow.

    funny thing will hapen when somebody produces flash interpreter as objectiveC iPhone app. i know there is javascript implementation of flash standard, so this is not so far fetched.

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