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Google must buy Twitter

Author: Daemon September 4, 2009

Today I have had an technological revelation of the highest sort. The kind of when light shines from heavens and you can almost hear the techno-angles choir go AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa.

So there I was in my bed today, having breakfast. I popped open iPhone (more on that in some future post) and it told me that new Facebook App is available. The 3.0.2 version. So I upgraded. But, it turns out that there is some bug, and the upgraded App is just working somehow strange, things are out of place, the Home screen is moved too much up, and generally it is not good.

So what do I do? My reflex reaction just wanted to fire up Google to see what’s going on, but since Facebook App was so fresh, there was no way people wrote about it already on blogs or wherever, and more than that, Google could not index it in those few seconds. So I fire up Twitterrific and do a quick search on Twitter. And in the next 10 minutes angels started singing.

First what happened is that Twitter started buzzing about new Facebook App 3.0.2. Few minutes later, everyone started reporting problems. And few minutes after that, there were quite a few Tweets on how to solve that problem. All of that happened in less than 10 minutes. In that time, Google was not even AWARE that Facebook had new App on the Internet, let alone that it is buggy, and even more no-no how to solve the problem.

( Delete the App and install the fresh one. If you just upgrade it, then it is screwed up)

The real time information sharing and more importantly information finding is something Google just cannot do. I was thinking how could Google even attempt to do this using only their own infrastructure, and maybe if they could parse emails from Gmail they could come up with some results. But people would instantly go into “this is my private stuff”, so that is ruled out.

Digging through old articles and files as Google does is fine and necessary, but this real time information is becoming more and more important to people.

All of this just leads to a question; why isn’t Twitter already under Google? There were some talks earlier but they failed. In my opinion, whatever money Twitter asks, Google can pay. And it would be well worth it.


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