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More spoilers: regional MTV website is here

Author: Daemon September 2, 2009

And to keep you more puzzled what are we doing over the summer, here are some screen-shots that are “Almost visible, but not revealing too much™”:


Yes, those are some of the screens for the new Music Television regional site taken directly off of our hard-drives. The site will cover an area starting from Slovenia and ending somewhere there far on the right side of the map, rather close to Black sea (Macedonia). Every country in the region will have it’s own website, due to language differences but more importantly due to different, and numerous, music events in each country. The sites will cover all music types, all regional artists, all events, will have a lot of community features in start (that will grow as the website community grows), be in full support of Television programme with series description and airing times, and much more.

Expect to see this beast up and alive somewhere in late autumn 2009.