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“Not New” is the new “New”

Author: Daemon August 14, 2009

The hall of fame of “The Greatest Marketing Tricks” that by my standards so far contained these two power-tricks:

Dollar ninety-nine is the greatest marketing trick of all time, no doubt about it. People that do not look carefully will put into their basket an object for which they will think it costs ONE Dollar, but it will in reality cost them TWO Dollars. That is a price increase of 100%. No other value has the same impact. $0.99 is just too suspicious – nothing costs zero, so people will notice the cents. And anything above $2 does not yield such an increase of price at the checkout. The $2.99 that looks as just 2 Dollars and is actually almost 3 is just an increase of 50%.

This tag, usually wrapped into some fancy sticker graphics will without any doubt increase the sale of a product. People just cannot resist buying things that are NEW. Even if that “new” component is just redesigned package – as it is often the case in shampoos or any body-care products. Basically: you have the same product inside, make a little bit fancier packaging, slap a “NEW” sticker on it, and *SHAZAM* your sales go sky high.

And now, ladies and gentleman, I present to you the third addition to this:


Not New

( The sticker says: Not NEW but it helps! )

Using the power of “NEW” the designers of this poster have outdone even the greatest magicians. This product is not new, it was here (obviously) for a long time, but it seems the sales are low. So do what? Slap a “NEW” sticker on it, but add truth to it – NOT on top of NEW. Seriously, dirty, yet awesome trick making the “Not New” almost as powerful as “New”.

Kudos to the designers/copywriters that made this.