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Money, websites and boobs!

Author: Daemon June 19, 2009

Create, Build and Make – gives nice overview what people are striving for, at least through the eyes of the Google.

A total count of:

Websites (and related): 12
Good looks (and related): 8
Money (and related): 6

It seems we are in luck being in the web development business! If we fail as web developers, we have to make breast enhancement clinic, obviously.


    3 thoughts on “Money, websites and boobs!”

  • Lol. Nice one.

  • hahaha! Can I be a boob beta tester? :)

  • I can’t update my Google Chrome. Since 3 weeks ago that I riveece “Error 4” when I try to update it manually (wrench->about google chrome).I searched the error on Google and it seems that more people are having trouble.Does anyone knows how to fix this?

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