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Twitter – complete ignorance for IE6

Author: Daemon May 25, 2009

Oh wow. I haven’t seen this one before.

For some reason, we have been tinkering with Twitter lately ( | etc..)

Just for the kicks, we tested how Twitter works in IE6, and tried to register there. It is impossible. By impossible, i do not mean “very hard” or “brain hurting” i mean – impossible. The Captcha does not load, and any links regarding Captcha are not operational. I know that this directly is not Twitter’s fault, rather Captcha providing service ( reCAPTCHA ), however, someone at Twitter must have seen this and concluded – WHATEVER, no IE 6 support for you dear clients!

twitter fail


    2 thoughts on “Twitter – complete ignorance for IE6”

  • What is the Nivas standard for browser degradation? You build your website to comply with 1 version ago? 2 Versions ago? 3?

  • Yo Fred, it’s more or less client/project dependent. If it’s corporate website for corpo users then we have to go back, way back to ie6. if it’s for internal use by smaller number of advanced users – we make it work in ie6 but optimize it to be bleeding fast in chrome and similar new age browsers.

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