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jQuery [@attr] selector updates

Author: seven May 21, 2009

Yes, it is that time of year when you decided it’s time to update project wide your favorite javascript framework – jQuery. Many versions have passed since your 1.2.3 version and you became pretty much outdated. You download it, put it where it belongs, cross your fingers, moment of silence…. bam – nothing works any more.

If you had similar experience while upgrading from jQuery 1.2.x to 1.3.2, don’t fear. It’s most likely due to the fact that in jQuery 1.3 [@attr] style selectors were removed (they were previously deprecated in jQuery 1.2 but we just didn’t care). Just do massive search for “[@” in your files, and simply remove the ‘@’ symbol from your selectors in order to make them work again.

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  • Ahh, just solved one problem in one of the older scripts by removing only one character, now I feel amazingly relieved :)

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