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The new Star Trek

Author: Daemon May 8, 2009

So let me get this straight.

This guy

Due to accident warps into past (not so distant past, few hundred years)

And in the time he comes from, the future, his planet was destroyed

Knowing his planet is destroyed he is pissed off, and wants revenge

But good people tell him “You are in the past now, your planet is not destroyed yet”

Of course, he does not want to hear that crap, and goes on about his revenge.

Excuse me? Is it just me, or this plot is so bad it just begs for tomatoes followed by guillotine? I mean, c’mon, he could just go to his planet, and warn them about incoming danger. They only got few hundred years to prepare! While he is at his planet, he could also meet his grandmother. She is/was hot when she is/was young! *Wink* *Wink* I am my own grandfather scheme!

Read slowly now:
Future Spock, who is really close friend with future Scotty, telling present Scotty something that future Scotty discovered. Do i hear universe imploding on itself? Is that a sound of epic fail coming from the nearby black hole?

Who authorized this scenario? Kindergarten children?


    3 thoughts on “The new Star Trek”

  • there’s also a comic book prequel to the movie called “star trek: countdown”. you could read it for some additional info about the whole plot

  • I loved the movie. Im not a Trekkie or fan of the shows at all. Just a good summer, action, movie.

  • Ok I finally watched it. The movie is big fun! You just have to ignore thin timetravel plot and that lens-flare galore. :) But otherwise, it’s fun!

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