View source crashes Firefox v3.0.9

Author: seven April 24, 2009

Since I updated FF to 3.0.9 (on Win XP), view source doesn’t work. Even “firefox -safe-mode” crashes browser every time. Thank you Mozilla Html Validator plugin! Hope 10.000 error reports I sent will help you.

update 27-04-2009: Yes, my friends were right. Html Validator plugin was causing this. After updating to v0.8.5.6 problem gone. And note to FireFox plugin developers – please DON’T put this in install.rdf without being completely sure that your plugin won’t break anything (maybe 10% of plugins can do this):


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    3 thoughts on “View source crashes Firefox v3.0.9”

  • Same here, if you’re using HTML Validator, update it to new version.

  • yup, html validator fixes this.

    also, firefox 3.0.10 will work properly

  • Yes, but how on earth plugin was able to crash browser in safe mode without any plugins loaded?? :(

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