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April Google search breakdown

Author: Daemon April 21, 2009


Here is the latest on what the world is Googling the most.

a) “How do i know” question:

Shows us that people are above all concerned about voting. I believe that this is the legacy of the latest presidential elections in USA, so if we discard that as semi-relevant, what we have left is: pregnancy (sex) and love. Girls are obsessed in knowing are they pregnant or not – meaning that someone is not doing sexual education correctly and that youth today does not use protection. What is also curious is that girls want to know if boys LIKE and LOVE them, whereas boys only want to know if girl LIKES them. Boys will be boys.

a2) “How can i tell if” question:

Different question, showing same pattern as above, with a slight exception: people are puzzled and cannot tell if their TV is digital. As above, people want to know if they are registered to vote, if they are pregnant, and again; girls are into LOVE while boys are only into LIKE.

b) “Is it possible” question:

And here we go again with the pregnancy. With over 30 million results related to period and pregnancy, this topic again takes the crown. Right after pregnancy, comes bullet curving. To give you answer right here: NO it is not. Stop believing everything movies show you. Following that is a plethora of common everyday questions: elbow licking, sneezing with eyes open, and similar.

Bullet curving. C’mon people, seriously.

c) “the earth is” knowledge test

No, the Earth is not flat. We not only scientifically proved that, but we had people up in the space to tell us firsthand that it is round. There are 5 times as much results on the internet about flat Earth than about round. Education needs to be better in some countries i guess. Also, is the Earth really growing? Will it explode like a balloon?

What puzzles me is: why would someone think that Earth is a “cold dead place”. It is impossible that a human being thinks that. After all, that person is typing on a computer. That computer had to be built by other people (or machines, but that machines were built by people at the end of a chain), so it is obvious that there are other human beings on this planet. What i think is that aliens are writing this on their alien blogs, as they have discovered that this Earth is not cold dead place. Right?

What Google needs to do is: open up gynecology clinic, and connect all those people talking about pregnancy with Google GynClin. iGyn or whatever. There is some serious money to be made there, obviously!