Oracle buys Sun for $7.4 billion! Hello scott/tiger!

Author: seven April 20, 2009


On 26 February 2008, Sun acquired MySQL AB. Today, Oracle Corporation announced acquisition of Sun Microsystems. All that acquiring is nice, but what’s in it for us – MySQL developers? Well, we will have to wait and see. I wouldn’t have anything against switching to Oracle. :) Oracle was my first real database I used back in ’90s (Oracle 7), and after reading 2 meters of Oracle books, I was pretty happy with PL/SQL, triggers, views and stored procedures. Switching to MySQL was hard. :)

What is certain – Oracle does not plan to shutdown MySQL. According to Oracle FAQ about the acquisition: “MySQL will be an addition to Oracle’s existing suite of database products, which already includes Oracle Database 11g, TimesTen, Berkeley DB open source database, and the open source transactional storage engine, InnoDB,”.

What do you think will happen to MySQL?

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