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Adobe CS4 presentation

Author: Daemon October 30, 2008

Few days ago there was an official presentation of new Adobe Creative Suite 4 product line held in Zagreb, in one of the most beautiful locations – the Croatian State Archive (check this virtual walkabout) . Y’know, the place that holds all the important documents of the state. Fancy fancy! The girls that handle Adobe’s PR in this region really did an awesome job organizing us all, setting up the location, finding delicious catering (yum yum), and the presenters themselves were not too shabby. No, scratch that, they were awesome as well! And modest about themselves, too!

Anyhow, I was featured there as an Adobe presenter for web design tools. In this epic whole day even, we, the Adobe presenters, presented short version to the press & journalists, with just the most important details of the new CS4. Then after small break, we kicked off in high gear in full presentation to all the invited guests. Backed up by Adobe’s regional manager Mirko Ledić, we have successfully introduced the public into the Adobe’s new killer Suite.

Main presentation room:

People listening carefully:

The Crew:

Overall, an awesome experience, hanging around with nice people from Adobe, with my mates Iva and Ivan, and devouring quantities of food and drinks on Adobe’s expense! Ha! Looking forward to CS5 =)


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  • Dang. Wish I was there… :-/

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