Flash Player 10 released

Author: seven October 21, 2008

It’s only been a little more than a year since the release of CS3, but Adobe is at it again. Newest version of Creative Suite is here. Our main man Daemon is going to be speaker tomorrow at CS4 launch party here in Zagreb, but more on that after the event.

Meanwhile, we all can glory on the fact that Flash Player 10 release is finally out. If you somehow managed to miss all those banners Adobe placed around the web, and Flash 9 auto update failed big time (like me) go get it now (official release v10.0.12.36). New features list looks really interesting, but not for such high release number. I would name it v9.5. not v10.

Download debug and standalone players, read release rotes and let’s get started.
Ok, new features are always welcomed, but Adobe isn’t very good at announcing the changes to old functionality. What you probably found out the hard way is that Sound API (Adobe, MAKE SOME NOISE) and FileReference class are changed. Security changes to FileReference class for example broke every single existing Flash content upload on the web (so popular those days).

Can’t wait to test new text engine, font embeding and encoding. Hope it works otherwise, I’ll have to skip yet another Flash version. Keep you posted! :)

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