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Nivas closed down in anticipation of Large Hadron Collider experiment

Author: Daemon September 8, 2008

CERN LHC t2030shighAs some of you may or may not know, the Large Hadron Collider will be fired up in 2 days, on the 10. September 2008. CERN is making final preparations in the test that will, i hope, reveal what makes particles have mass. Once they confirm and isolate the mighty Higgs Bozon particle, in theory it should be possible to remove it making things have no mass, yet be solid objects. Neat stuff, eh? Here is something more on the LHC.

The problem is that on 10. September 2008. the Large Hadron Collider could also generate black holes that will suck up our dear Earth. The CERN is saying that the experiment is safe, and that there is no real danger of destroying earth. However, we have seen way too many movies where scientists say something is safe, and 5 minutes later everything goes to hell. Therefore, we decided why bother working for this 2 days, when on Wednesday it could all be over anyways.

If we survive, see you on Thursday.

Until then, see the LHC Rap:

And check out what we hope will not be the outcome:


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  • Only a very small number of physicists have studied the safety arguments in detail, and the results are very mixed.

    Most of the reviews are linked to CERN, either CERN scientists, CERN Scientific Policy Committee members or scientists requested to comment as a favor to CERN.

    Other fully independent physicists including senior Physics PHD Dr. Rainer Plaga wrote a paper refuting safety and proposing risk mitigation measures, currently ignored by CERN.

    Visiting Professor of Physics Dr. Otto Rossler is an award winning and famous contributor to Chaos Theory and the founder of Endophysics. Dr. Rossler also refutes CERN’s claims that white dwarf and neutron stars are susceptible to fast moving micro black holes, Dr. Rossler contends that CERN’s experiment may pose an existential risk to the planet.

    Dr. Rossler calculates that creation of micro black holes could be catastrophic to Earth in years, decades or centuries.

    Former cosmic ray researcher, California math champion and Nuclear Safety Officer Walter L. Wagner discovered flaws with CERN’s safety arguments. He calculates stable strange matter creation (particularly from Lead Lead collisions) and dangerous micro black hole creation has not been excluded and might as likely prove catastrophic.

  • Bahahaahahah!


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