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Pixels are classic (filmed in Papervision3D)

Author: seven August 21, 2008

When I saw Radiohead’s “House of Cards” video I was truly amazed how pixels can look good in 2008. What does that video have in common with Papervision3D? Press play on player and read on…

In production of this video they haven’t used any cameras, but data from 3D laser-enhanced scanners. The Making-of “House of Cards” video is pretty crazy, check it. If you wanna get freaky with pixels – Google Code is hosting the Data Visualization application and accompanying iGoogle gadget. Interactive Flash piece was made by Aaron Meyers (Torrent Raiders, Digg Swarm) and Aaron Koblin using Papervision 3D. It’s pretty slick.

But all this is nothing compared to this baby. Benoit Beausejour from Turbulent built crazy demo using Papervision3D effects branch which transforms video stream to something similar and very very cool. Be sure to check it in full screen playing Kraftwerk’s “Little Computer People”! WOOHOO GO PV3D! :)

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