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Firefox 3 blurring mystery

Author: seven June 18, 2008

It seems that we are not alone in the universe with blurring small icons in Firefox 3 bug. Cairo rendering engine freaks out on number rounding if background image in css is centered and height of an image is even number. Check out our Nivas Firefox 3 icon blurring test. Problem is classified as Bug 433640 on Bugzilla. It’s too late for Firefox 3 at this point but Mozilla dev will implemented the fix in v3.0.1. It’s interesting to see that Daemon first wrote about this on April 8th and Mozilla first acknowledged it on May 13th. Well, another mystery well solved! Next! :)

ps. check out FF3 easter eg – enter “about:robots” in address bar (without quotes). hihi! :)

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  • Lol, they are acting as if the about:robots thing is a bug itself. XD

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