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Firefox 3 release party in Slovenia

Author: seven June 16, 2008

The official date for the launch of Firefox 3 is June 17 (huh which is tomorrow). Community is climaxing, and a mission to enter Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours is set! It’s also nice to see that something is happening in the neighborhood. Kiberpipa and Information Science Students Association of Faculty of Computer and Information Science students from University of Ljubljana, announced Firefox 3 Release Party 2008 which will be held June 24, 2008 in Ljubljana.The guest of honor will be Tristan Nitot, president of Mozilla Europe.

Daemon, maybe we could crash the party and have a chat with mr. Tristan regarding icon blurring? :)

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    6 thoughts on “Firefox 3 release party in Slovenia”

  • Hope to see you there ;)

  • Yo Davorin, we sure would like to crash the party, but we don’t have any drinking buddies in Slovenia. Would you like to be our drinking buddy? :)

  • The US release was delayed. dont know about the rest of the world.
    went to the Mozilla website a few times yesterday and it was down.

    when finally available about 3pm Chicago time (7 hours behind Central European Time)then tried to download it, and it got hung up.

    seems like Mozilla wasnt really prepared for the traffic.

    New Interface is slick. Have to dig deeper.

  • me likes firefox 3 memory management. not a single major leak last couple of days.

  • See you at the rls party ;)

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