Freaky fscommand issues in Flash Player 9 and as2 project

Author: seven June 8, 2008

I spent couple of hours trying to figure this one out, so at the end of my thorny journey I decided to share this with all of you.

I have a lot of old standalone projector AS2 Flash 8 projects. Each one begins with fscommands that switch player to fullscreen and setup rest of the stuff.
[ftf w=”480″ h=”250″]fscommand(“allowscale”,”false”);
fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);
fscommand(“trapallkeys”, “true”);
fscommand (“showmenu”, “false”);

escKey = {};
escKey.onKeyDown = function(){
if(Key.getCode() == Key.ESCAPE){
fscommand(“quit”, “”);
fscommand(“trapallkeys”, “true”);[/ftf]
Well, that worked just fine before Flash 9. But today I had to build a simple AS2 game and wanted to do the same – upon starting, goto fullscreen, send all key events… Upon publishing, my game didn’t want to go to fullscreen. To make things even more stranger – not even pressing CTRL+F didn’t switch to fullscreen! As it turned out,

fscommand("trapallkeys", "true");

was causing problems. After commenting that line out everything worked fine… except capturing of key events – a major factor to my game.

But, BEHOLD! Few hours later, a magical combination of TRUE, true, and false, FALSEs, finally worked out:
[ftf w=”480″ h=”120″]fscommand(“allowscale”,”FALSE”);
fscommand(“fullscreen”, “TRUE”);
fscommand (“showmenu”, “false”);
fscommand(“trapallkeys”, “true”); [/ftf]

Why is this happening, I don’t, but I am glad I made it work. More people reported similar problems with fscommand in Flash 9:

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