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Author: seven May 7, 2008

I really can’t figure out why they canceled this music video on TV across the globe. I feel like this all the time. :) Justice – Stress, directed by Romain Gavras from Kourtrajme Productions:

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Neven Jacmenović has been passionately involved with computers since late 80s, the age of Atari and Commodore Amiga. As one of internet industry pioneers in Croatia, since 90s, he has been involved in making of many award winning, innovative and successful online projects. He is an experienced full stack web developer, analyst and system engineer. In his spare time, Neven is transforming retro-futuristic passion into various golang, Adobe Flash and JavaScript/WebGL projects.

    3 thoughts on “Stress”

  • I’m in no way a prude (Predator remains one of my favorite childhood movies) but it just seems like gratuitous violence for the sake of it, “edginess” for the sake of “edginess”which any one can film.

  • Exactly, that’s the point. People behaving violently just because they can, with no other reason. I believe those retards are called chavs in the UK, dumb-fucks on the USA, and football-fans in Croatia.

  • There is even better quality of this video located at Justice’s Myspace:

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