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Release of SplinQ

Author: Daemon February 25, 2008


If you were wondering what the hell were we up to for the past 6 months, the answer is: SplinQ.

So, what is SplinQ about?

SplinQ in it’s essence is a window-shopping site collecting data from, at this moment, 420 stores for over half a million products. Registering at SplinQ will enable you that whatever item you decide to buy via SplinQ, SplinQ gives you half the revenue that site gets. There are no virtual points involved, no coupons, no imaginary items, you receive only hard cash.

On top of the basic idea, SplinQ includes socializing features enabling people to communicate, generate and share wish-lists, and do all sorts of neat tricks on the site.

Full development log and show-reel of SplinQ will be available further down the road, where we will explain our combat versus this beast, tactics we used in defeating European non-standardized database delivery, functionalities we had to utilize to strike in the heart, sharpening stones we had to obtain to sharpen our Photoshops and whatever-software-coders-use, and shields we had to manufacture to make the servers impenetrable.

SplinQ is an ongoing project, so don’t be caught off guard when we release V.2.0 of this magnificent beast.


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  • errrr, sam ja malo daft? di je ingrish? sve je na necemu sto nije common ni pod razno, tj. lici na common al je na nekom retard narjecju. stavite ingrish

  • Imaš dolje link za English. Za sad je to malo zamaskirano, dok se ne exponira za Eng govorno područje.

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