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Another double billboard

Author: Daemon January 19, 2008

Ina will not spoil you

Happy times with billboard placement. Left one is commercial for Croatian biggest oil company (INA) saying “Great quality, lowest prices”, and the right one is from Unicef – campaign about children, saying “We will not spoil the kids if we pamper them” (not quite literally, it is hard to translate exact wording, but in that direction).

So two scenarios here, one if you drive fast and do not see the small text at all – the oil companies will not spoil you by pampering you!!! NO CHEAP OIL FOR YOU BASTARDS! And second one, if you manage to read oil company’s message first – “We pamper you with great quality and low prices, but NO SPOILING YOU, because soon we are getting those prices up, and you can’t do anything about it”.


It seems that someone is doing this on purpose.