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We worship Logitech, but …

Author: Daemon December 14, 2007

Update to this post!

Nivas design division is a great fan of Logitech, and we worship Logitech mice. We use mouse over 10 hours per day (hard core Photoshop, and gaming), and we REALLY know our mice.

2 weeks ago we switched to Logitech G9, to replace old G5 that was in use for quite some time now.

G9 is really great mouse, and better than G5. It has radical new design, but believe us, it is awesome. Scroll wheel which does not go click-by-click but rather spins freely, so you can just hit it and it scrolls automatically is so revolutionary that it alone would justify buying it (scrolling hundreds of layers in Photoshop or scrolling a huge web page is just awesome).


G9’s shell is not actually made out of some space age material, rather it is a “sticker” that is just coated over the normal plastic.

All of my mice so far have a dent in the right side where my little finger lays, and so far this was not a problem since all of the other mice where made out of consistent material, and the dent was just that – a DENT in that material. I would even call it a feature since my little finger would lay down into that dent.

Yesterday i got a small cut on G9 which in 1 day grew into peeled off hole, and it spreads further. As i use my mouse i expect that hole to grow and grow and eventually it will peel off rendering mouse unusable.

On the high res picture you can even see small bubbles forming on the area where my ring-finger is, and i expect that to pop and peel off soon too.

What to do? Even if Logitech accepts that this is a flaw and replaces my mouse, this will happen again in 2 weeks. Maybe if Logitech made a new shell which is in one solid block of material instead of sticker, but until then i am stuck with this … And contrary to popular opinion, i do cut my claws, so it is not that my nails ruin the mice.

Here are pictures:

Here is high-res G9 where bubbles can be seen.

My old G5 and dent in it:

G9 peeling off:


    6 thoughts on “We worship Logitech, but …”

  • This is a great article man! I could write one about how many keyboards we at Nivas programming division destroy each month. :)

  • Hell yea, the Programming Division is suffering from constant breakdowns of Alt and Ctrl keys. Make better hardware you silly manufacturers!

  • Thanks for the article and I am glad to see I am not the only one who has this problem with their G9 mouse. However on mine the problem exists on the opposite side where my thumb sits. For the amount of money you pay for this mouse I would have thought that the coating would have been better. Or better yet the whole grip should have been made out of rubber or solid plastic.

  • it’s difficult to locate one that actually works well

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