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Flash Player 10 / CS4 Diesel ‘n’ stuff

Author: seven November 6, 2007

News travel pretty slow, for few of us who were unable to attend all those brilliant flash events around the world. Just until recently I was completely unaware of new codename for Flash CS4 – Diesel. Not Vin Diesel, not bio diesel, just plain diesel. I guess somebody at Adobe must had owned Citroen ZX. See for your self. :)

I remember that Daemon talked what he saw something like that on the MAX, and If I understood him correctly, CS4 will completely change how timeline works, After Effects look-a-like tweening? They also managed to get video preview into the IDE, advanced tweening engine and Inverse Kinematics tween animation. Wohoo! Except, I don’t care about the timeline tweening. :) I am eager to hear more about Flash Player 10, ECMAScript 4, typed arrays and all that strange stuff that designers ignore by default. :)

Check out this pirate video of CS4 Diesel tweening in action:

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