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Productive monday

Author: seven October 15, 2007

The end of this Monday is finally here. Lots of stuff going on, and there is really no spare time to grab something to eat, not to mention – time to blog. Well, maybe some time. :)

If you are, like some of us (and some not!) attending MAX Barcelona and have a Flash Lite-compatible phone, make sure you check out the MAX Barcelona 2007 Flash Lite mobile phone session guide.

Jeff from 8bitrocket wrote an interesting article about implementing Mochiads in non-timeline based AS3 projects.

Today is Environmental Blog Action Day. What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day? What could happen if I just knew that before? :) In heart and spirit of Environmental protection, Polygeek wrote great article about how optimized code could help reduce global warming. :) LOL!

What else happened today? ThunderBolt v1.0 was released today. ThunderBolt is AS3 is a logging tool for Flex 2 and Flash CS3 applications using Firebug as its logging console. It comes in handy if you don’t want to install debug version of Flash player (debug version which is buggy – debuggy). :)

Nifty desktop app which I use often for playing FLV files built with mProjector 2 – FLV Player 2.0 was also released today. It’s really shiny and nice, but beware, installer comes with tons of potential spyware and toolbars.

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  • Happy Monday, I’m glad I put a smile on your face with my, mildly sardonic, code optimization blog.

    I love your design samples on the site. If Collis at doesn’t get that site redesign done for me I might hit you guys up to see if you would do a new design for my polyGeek blog.

  • WOOT! New celebrity on our blog! Thank you for your kind words polyGeek!

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