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Adobe Love and Adobe MAX Barcelona

Author: Daemon October 12, 2007

So, anyways, good things come to those who are a bit persistent, wait, and are a bit crazy. This week we got delivered, straight from Adobe, book called “Inside the Publishing Revolution“, a book about Adobe – from start to almost present day (pre CS3 era) following the process of how it actually came to the point where you can type cool stuff in Photoshop with ease, press Print and it comes out of the printer nicely with zero sweat. Book is lovingly signed by company’s founders, John Warnock and Chuck Geschke as a small token of our (mine) dedication to Adobe.

Few hours after the book arrived, i received funny email from Adobe in which i am apparently invited to Adobe MAX 2007 Barcelona and Adobe will sponsor my flight, hotel and an entry fee. It was a bit freaky, since i saw this email on Tuesday and MAX is starting next Monday, meaning i have to fly away on Sunday. After few emails exchanged with Evgenia Mayer, i was rushing to book a plane and hotel in Barcelona. OK, let me tell you something. It is a bitch to book a flight and hotel on such a short notice – seemingly everyone attending MAX already booked all the possible hotels and flights. But, after 2 days of search i managed. I am both happy and sad, i am going to MAX -> HAPPY, but as an only member of Nivas crew due to technical issues (we are moving company location, drama drama drama) -> SAD.

See you at MAX, if you are attending =)


    5 thoughts on “Adobe Love and Adobe MAX Barcelona”

  • Excellent to have a representation of Nivas in Barcelona. Look forward to meet you.

  • wait, you guys are moving? You just set up shop in that place. What happened? Confused!

  • Damn Daemon, just go already! :) Stop solting my wounds.

    Carlos: I’ll keep banging my head to the wall and I’ll think about you guys at MAX all the time.

    Fred: Yes, we are moving god damn again. Our landlords got separated and the wifey got the apartment by settlement. Bummer mate. But we’ll manage.

  • Yo Carlos, i will be in Nivas TShirt, just ping me when you see me. I will have something small and sweet for you =)

  • OMG how gay this last line was! :) Just kidding. Daemon just got back from the MAX and I can’t wait to hear all dirty details.

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