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Author: seven October 2, 2007

Today Adobe announced the availability of Adobe Flash Lite 3 software. You can download Flash Lite 3 Update for Flash CS3 Professional and Flash Lite 3.0 update for Device Central CS3 but no Flash Lite 3 Player it self. They say Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition will be available for download in early November 2007 and if somebody is interested in testing Flash Lite 3 content before the availability of the Developer Edition, it should send them an email. This interim build of Adobe Flash Lite 3 Developer Edition has been certified only on the Nokia N95 device. Isn’t that cute? But it’s WRONG!

I sent them an email anyways because I have to check if it will work on my N80 (which also supports s60 3rd gen as N95). I am really interested what this baby can do. By specs, compared to FL2.1, FL3 brings increased performance by 15-20% in ActionScript, improved rendering performance by 20-30%, better memory management and support for Flash Video (FLV) with Sorensen & On2 codecs and RTMP Streaming. You can check full version comparison here.

Both those new Flash CS3 updates take *AGES* to install (and I have really fast workstation) and they both are infected with no-text-in-installer virus. Just click your way man, click your way… This first happened to me with AIR CS3 update, but I thought “Oh, it’s my crazy XP playing tricks on me!”. Adobe – WTF?! This reminds me on crazy ATI driver uninstaller but. Left button – empty, right button – empty. Which one will you click? Right one! :)


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