How on Earth do you embed font in CS3 TextArea? Adobe documentation team WTF?

Author: seven September 29, 2007

While working on my last AS3 project, I wanted to cut my self some slack (spare some time), and instead of building TextField + scroller – use CS3 prebuilt TextArea component. Off course, not only that I didn’t achieve what I intended, I also spent 3 hours trying to figure that shit out.

I figured out that:

  • you STILL have to embed fonts if you masked TextArea (TextField too),
  • Online Flash CS3 Documentation is not what it should be.

Just, please take a look at the following link (Flash CS3 Documentation > Programming ActionScript 3.0 > Working with text > Advanced text rendering). There is absurd line that says: “The exact method of embedding a font file into your application’s SWF file varies according to your development environment.”. Well, HELLO? What is that page I am looking at then? Adobe’s help site is pretty awful (not as bad as ATI/AMD merged support sites – they are the worst), advanced searching is impossible and ordinary search gives you results that have no meaning. If you are looking for something on Adobe’s site related to Flash9 – my bet is you won’t find it.

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    7 thoughts on “How on Earth do you embed font in CS3 TextArea? Adobe documentation team WTF?”

  • Flash CS3 is very poorly finished. Not only the docs, but the UI is also slow and buggy. Hope they get their act together and release a patch like they did with MX 2004.

  • Yo C4RL05!!!! LOL! Yes, you still have to hack your way in/out of some situations. I really don’t know how Flex differs in internationalization areas, but I should definitely give it a spin.

    I think fellas at Adobe are too busy with plans on how to merge After Effects and Flash, instead of fixing things. Basic things like text rendering for example. :(

  • I got it to work.. First I had to extend the TextArea class. Details found at:

    Then my code had:

    var theStyle:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();
    var font:Font = new MyFont();

    theStyle.setStyle(“body”, {fontFamily:font.fontName, color:”#644724″, fontSize:12});
    theStyle.setStyle(“a”, {color:”#0000FF”});
    theStyle.setStyle(“a:hover”, {color:”#0000FF”, textDecoration:”underline”});

    desc_ta.setStyle(“embedFonts”, true);
    desc_ta.setStyle(“styleSheet”, theStyle); // instance

    StyleManager.setStyle(“styleSheet”, theStyle);

    And BOOM! CSS styled htmlText in a textArea component!

  • Hmmmm. Two points – 1) It appears to be AS2 compliant only. (In particular the line StyleManager.setStyle(”styleSheet”, theStyle);)

    2) If you apply a stylesheet style to a textarea it becomes noneditable, which is useless for many purposes (including mine!)

    So I am still seeking a solution as to how to apply a font color or size or type to a textarea

  • Thanks Neil!
    var myTextAreaTextField:TextField = textArea.textField;
    myTextAreaTextField.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;
    var textArea:TextArea = new TextArea();
    solves the antialiasing issue too!
    Thanks again

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