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Some geeky statistics

Author: seven September 6, 2007

If you don’t have a life anymore (like me), you will probably find these statistics/penetration reports interesting. :) Flash 9 is kicking, together with php5 and Apache. That’s all I wanted to hear. Read on!

Php5 finally gained some points, probably because Zend announced php4’s end of life. That should happen years ago. :) Too bad Php6 release date isn’t scheduled yet.

Netcraft’s last report says that Windows IIS takes 34.2% and Apache 48.4% of market share. Microsoft’s recent gains raise the prospect that Windows may soon challenge Apache’s leadership position. Apache has been the leading web server software since the March 1996 Netcraft Web Server Survey. In November 2005, Apache was found on 71 percent of web sites. It’s worth noting that Apache has lost market share to another open source server, lighttpd (1.2% of all sites), and Google (4.4%) as well as Windows. But if Microsoft continues to gain share at its current pace, it could close the gap on Apache sometime in 2008.

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