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Web 3.0 as defined by Google’s boss

Author: Daemon August 8, 2007

Alright, first watch this:

So my observation and underlying question to this is: if Eric Schmidt now said what he EXPECTS Web 3.0 to be, doesn’t that actually tilt the whole development world into that direction? Maybe only a handful of developers are thinking the way he is at this moment (small applications with data in a cloud spreading on viral logic, …), but now that he said he expects that to be true, entire development world will have to take this into consideration. When developers start making new apps, they will remember what he said, bow down to the mighty Google controlling more and more of our planet, and start thinking like Eric Schmidt does.

And that is bad. The Web should define itself, not be defined by one of the most powerful men on the globe.

Not to mention that his view of Ajax defining Web 2.0 is a bit dull…


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