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Essential ActionScript 3.0

Author: seven August 1, 2007

eas3 moock

I haven’t posted anything remotely intelligent on our bling bling blog for a while. 15 hour work day here at didn’t help nether. :)

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading Essential ActionScript 3.0. And, oh my… What a great book that is! I am overwhelmed because I haven’t read Essential AS2, and for that I should shoot my self in the leg and bang my head in the wall repeatedly.

Two years of work, over 15 technical reviewers including chief Adobe engineers. Very fluent (book is reading it self) and perfectly written, Colin goes into much detail as he can, but he doesn’t bore you to the death. 900 pages of really essential ActionScript fundamentals. If you want to get into serious actionscripting – this book is the one you want!

According to Mike Downey and Ryan Stewart, Colin Moock’s Essential ActionScript 3.0 is the bestselling O’Reilly book EVER and I just checked – it’s 8th on Amazon’s best seller list in Computers & Internet category. Go get it NOW! :)

Update: There is interesting post on Colin Moocks blog about composition vs inheritance for Sprite and MovieClip. Something that puzzled me big time after reading ActionScript 3 Design Patterns and still while reading EA 3.0. Check it out and be unpuzzled. :)

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