Let the bells Ring! Nivas wins Bronze Bell at Croatia’s biggest advertising festival!

Author: gjurassic May 29, 2007

We are happy to announce this year’s FESTO 2007 — leading advertising festival in Croatia, awarded Bronze Bell (some say Croatia is low on silver, so second place is bronze) award in category “interactive advertising — web sites” for jasnasurina.com.
Digitel approached us with a groundbreaking idea to present a book’s release on the web as a… BOOK! A series of authors video clips where packed into slick book design, making a strong concept which was recognized by the festivals jury.
A fine example, of how an overused technique can still be put to good use with some creative thinking. First place was taken by our dear friends and identity father’s sudarpitarević, for their more than miraculous “Lavlja
i Tigrova mast”
(Lion and tigers ointment).

Happy times at Nivas :)