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Hell, it’s about time

Author: Daemon May 19, 2007

Over this week, featured in chronological order game after game that Blizzard produced. Last game was under a big question mark, and somewhere during the European night Blizzard announced the new title. Over the last 24 hours bandwidth of the world was humming with Blizzard’s server’s data, as millions of people (by millions i mean trillions, and by people i mean mostly Korean) were hitting REFRESH button.

New game is Starcraft II, check it at, be sure to download the trailer.

Alright, now to the fascinating part.

When you pool up all the stuff that was done for this release, and here is a quick overview; 3D animations rendering, engine screenshots, website, entire launch event, statue of one of the heroes (limited edition), all the background work, bla bla bla bla bla bla, … you realise that there were A LOT of people involved in this so far.

Now, isn’t it fascinating that NOT A SINGLE ONE leaked? Of all those people working, not anyone gave a faintest clue. How is that statisticaly possibe? Screw statistics, how is that HUMANELY possible? “Hi honey, yes, i rendered Starcraft 2 animation today at work”. The next day postman and neighbour knows, and the next day Digg knows. But noone leaked a single grain of information. Even if you do not like games, if you do not like Starcraft, you have to admire this MEGA success of keeping secret. Amazing.


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  • I managed not to get hooked on WOW! I waited, and I waited for so long…. for Starcraft II! :) The day they release the game… Man, I am on a unpaid vacation! :)

    Btw, checkout this, and scroll to the bottom of the page –

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